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Flower Farm and family

Local. fresh. beautiful.

Starting our own seeds and growing our own flowers in-season (May-October) is what sets Barefoot Brook apart from other local floral designers. The flowers that are offered are fresh, local and unique to the growing climate in Saratoga, WY. A lot goes into the daily tasks of this small flower farm from harvesting on a daily basis to brewing compost tea to researching unknowns to improve our production and quality. When all said and done, what make our arrangements so special is that these blooms are grown right here for weddings, for locals, for Brush Creek Ranch, and anyone else searching for pure beauty grown from seed.


The love, passion, and hard-work put into these flowers is worth every penny. From our experience as business owners and flower farmers, we have learned that there is nothing more rewarding than growing our own flowers and greens then making them into a product that has potential to bring so many people memories, relationships, kindness, love, and happiness. Who knew flowers could be so influential!

We have been given so many opportunities to meet and build friendships with many members of our community through our flowers! God is good. He has opened door after door to allow us to continue this through the lens of our business.

Brooke is a certified art and elementary teacher and Jordan an elementary and MS science teacher. She left the career early with intentions of staying home to raise their kids(currently 3 little boys) and has been blessed with time to design florals and grow her own flowers while including her kids in the whole process! Jordan works full-time on the flower farm in the summer when he isn't teaching in our wonderful rural Wyoming town.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supports us and helps us grow flowers and grow relationships with others. 

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